About Us

Crazy Chimps is a company devoted to nothing less than giving customers a great deal of satisfaction in gaming. We strive to put all our time and effort into making games, both on the PC and on mobile android devices, which give our audiences and consumers a great deal of pleasure. Crazy Chimps is a new, indie game development company with very few staff members but nonetheless, we make stuff happen. Our crew is comprised of the following dedicated and ambitious young men:

  • Sir Chimp, the CEO/CFO/CIO/Lead Programmer
  • Daniel Miltinan, 3D Modeling Artist/Modeling Supervisor/Art Director/Creative Director
As you can see the development team is not large, but is just right in size. At ages 15 (Konrad C.) and 18 (Daniel M.) the team is talented and extremely good-looking. For whatever brought you here, we thank you for your time and we hope that you browse through the work we have made.